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William Clarence “Bill” Huntington was born on June 27, 1876, near North Platte, Nebraska.  Before he was 15, Bill had wrangled horses, driven a horse-powered baler, raked hay, and rode racehorses.  When Bill was about 15, his mother gave him a black horse, and on it,  he cowboyed his way north to Montana where he rode broncs, hauled freight with half-broke horses, entertained audiences with his own Wild West Shows, and filled a warbag full of colorful memories.

Bill spent the first 70 years of his life in the midst of one adventure after another, but after his wife died in the late 1940s and a “bum hip” cut his riding career short, he was hard pressed to keep his active mind busy.  For years, with great skill and obvious delight, Bill had entertained friends and family alike with his warbag collection of adventures and exploits, and so, when time began to hang heavy on his hands, Bill’s family persuaded him to take up a pencil and write them down.  Bill’s spelling was unique and his hand-writing was illegible, but the quality of the stories was sterling.  Although his efforts were originally intended as a family keepsake, a local agricultural paper got hold of the material, and as they say, the rest is history!

Scores of enthusiastic Western readers and history buffs enjoyed his first two autobiographical books, They Were Good Men and Salty Cusses and Both Feet in the StirrupsBill also wrote a weekly newspaper column called Bill Huntington Spins A Tale that was so popular it continued to run for 37 years after his death in 1969.  All of his stories have been met with enthusiasm from his readers, who realized that what Bill put down on paper was the rapidly vanishing West. 

Bill Huntington—described as “storyteller, author, and one of the West’s last living landmarks”—died on October 15, 1969, at age 93.  Sadly, little to none of Bill’s cowboy gear remains.  Fortunately however, Bill left his mark in a much more indelible manner, having created an easy-to-read trail leading his reader straight back to the Old West.

To order Bill’s newest book, Treasures From Bill’s Warbag, contact wordwright@nemont.net

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