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Bill's Family

Let us introduce ourselves.

Bill and his generation long ago crossed the Great Divide. Furthermore, the next generation—Bill’s two daughters, Daisy and Georgia, and their husbands—have followed the same trail. It’s the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh generations of Bill’s family who honor him today by keeping his stories, and therefore his life, alive and well.

The third generation is composed of Bill’s seven grandchildren.

Bill’s older daughter Daisy had five sons and a daughter. Donal died December 1, 1981, at the age of 59. Ralph died March 8, 2002, at the age of 74. Victor died July 26, 1993, at the age of 63. Lala May died January 24, 1939, at the age of 3. Darrel lives in Texas. Rodney lives in Arizona.

Bill’s younger daughter Georgia had two daughters. Patsy lives on the family ranch in Montana. Virginia lives in California, except during the summers, which are spent on the family ranch in Montana.

The fourth generation is composed of Bill’s 15 great-grandchildren.

Donal had no children.

Ralph had one daughter, Elaine Kay, who lives in Arizona.

Victor had two step-sons, Rodney and Randy; a son William, who died too young in 2005; and a daughter Vickie Lynn, who lives in Washington.

Darrel adopted two children, Todd and Mary Beth.

Rodney had no children.

Patsy had four children—Linda, Gwyn, Mike, and Nancy, who all live in Montana; and two step-sons—Mark and Mike.

Virginia had two children—Donald, who lives in California, and Alison, who lives in Montana.

The fifth generation is composed of Bill’s great-great-grandchildren.

Ralph’s granddaughter Irelan.

Victor’s grandchildren.

Darrel’s grandchildren.

Patsy’s grandchildren—Cody, Wynne, Jami, Christy, Clint, Jessi, Stephanie, and Luke, and step-grandchildren—Shawn, Scott, Gary, James, Britney, Jonathon, Jennifer, Christy, and Sean.

Virginia’s grandson Charley.

The sixth generation is composed of Bill’s great-great-great-grandchildren:

Wynne’s children.

Jami’s children.

Christy’ children.

Clint’s children.

Jessica’s children.

The seventh generation is composed of Bill's great-great-grea-great-grandchildren:

Wynne's daughter Vashti Anderson's son Bentley

The last three generations, unfortunately, were cheated of the opportunity to know Bill Huntington. The greatest gift represented by keeping Bill’s work in print, therefore, is its ability to make him live again into perpetuity. The web spun by Bill Huntington was long, tight, and strong. It flourishes today.