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They Were Good Men and Salty Cusses©
Bill’s first autobiographical book—200 pages long and hard bound—was published in 1952.  To promote sales, the book was serialized in the Western Livestock Reporter starting with the January 31, 1951, issue.  Following is the editor’s note that ran with the first piece:  “These episodes are a small section from Bill Huntington’s life and have been compiled at the request of his children and grandchildren. Bill’s stories, true and otherwise, have always been a source of enjoyment to them and his friends. It would be impossible, though, to recapture them all. 
Many of his best were spur of the moment creations, the cloth of them gathered from his colorful past and then tailored by him to the occasion. However, the scope of this book does not cover imagination—only the facts of Bill’s life. It was hard enough to wring these out of him, and this on the pretext of being for his immediate family’s memories. And at that, the complete story of his life would fill many books.
Bill, on the right, visits with
J.K. Ralston in the early 1950s.

The whole period covered embraces only the first 35 years of his life, less than half. And none of it has ever been dull. There is a wealth of material untouched… Perhaps this group of stories means more to those who know and love him than to the reader. But it is thought they might have some attraction for their merit as a commentary on the vigorous but fading past.”

Most of the book’s stories—organized in the book into loose categories—were humorous, and most involved horses.  A few were painful, and a few involved Bill’s misadventures with a series of cantankerous Model T Fords.  Some of the stories were enhanced with delightful illustrations, historically correct and wonderfully humorous, by the noted Montana cowboy artist J.K. Ralston.  Described as a “lively account of life in the West,” this book went on sale May 25, 1952, for $4.50. 

The book was reprinted three times, the most current reprint being in 1998.  It is again out of print and unavailable except from collectors.

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